Nine houseplant jobs to keep them ‘alive and well’ during winter – ‘need time to rest’

Nine houseplant jobs to keep them ‘alive and well’ during winter – ‘need time to rest’

In fact, overwatering them can be extremely harmful. The expert said: “In general, your green beauties will need less watering during autumn and winter. As a result, reduce how much you give your botanicals to drink. Dormant plants don’t need much water. In fact, too much will cause it to accumulate at the bottom of the pot and destroy the roots, causing weak growth.

“As a rule of thumb, only water your plants once a fortnight at most throughout the colder seasons. Succulents only really need a drink every four to six weeks, while cacti can go without until spring rolls around.  

“Be mindful of your watering routine for plants in warmer heated rooms, as they might still be drying out quickly.”

6. Be mindful of heating

When the heating is on in the midst of the winter, it is important to check plants aren’t drying out quicker, particularly those standing on the floor and near radiators.

To check they aren’t too dry, push a finger or thumb into the soil and rehydrate if needed. Morag added: “Plants in warm, heated rooms can dry out quickly. 

“However, with much less sunlight throughout the colder seasons, they are likely to need less watering overall. Keeping your houseplants healthy while changing their living conditions can be tricky, so be mindful when it’s time to turn the heating on.”

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