Mom comes face-to-face with her son’s killer in court

Mom comes face-to-face with her son’s killer in court

This mom came face to face with the teen who murdered her son. Courtroom veterans had never seen a response like hers.


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  1. Betty Crain

    I hate how we can't just realize this woman was a wonderful person and she was kind and caring. We have to bring her religion and her ethnicity into this. I don't care if you love Muslims or hate them, This woman is pure peace. ❤️No hate to anyone❤️

  2. Kill Me

    I’m muslim myself, and i think everyone just puts one image above us, that we’re bad people, terrorists.. etc. but you can’t put one image above everyone, there’s good and bad in every race.

  3. Khalil Boss

    And some say that islam is terrorism
    it's NOT !
    Islam came from the word "SALAM" (means PEACE)
    ISIS or their followers don't represent islam in any way.
    May God bless her
    And inshaAllah her son will go to paradise.

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