Meet the six personalities living in this woman's head

Meet the six personalities living in this woman's head

Christine Pattillo has struggled her entire life with the personalities of other people living inside her head. There have been a total of 11 over the past 49 years.

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  1. Southern Fun

    I can't help it. I find this kind of thing so hard to believe. So hard to believe that she couldn't control the voice that she uses. It's also women that tend to always get the ol' "multiple personality" disorder. I see it as more of a "tick" that they could control.. if they wanted to.
    That's coming from someone with a few "ticks".

  2. k k

    Not all, but some of these comments are the most ignorant and small minded and judgemental words I've ever read. If DID is such a joke to be laughed at, I hope that you, too, will one day understand what it feels like to have an ailment no one understand but everyone makes fun of and takes advantage of.

  3. k k

    "What a great man. What a great husband!"
    From a 6 minute video? Maybe if she had full cocon always but in severe cases I don't even know that that's possible, with DID you never know who's abusing the Crap out of the body.

  4. Faricia Danoe

    This is the first time I see different alters just talking together. Most of the time it takes a while and the person starts to switch first.. they get a bit dizzy and zone out for a couple of seconds and minutes before they switch .. and after the switch the other alter comes forward

  5. Amy Kirk

    When you are that afraid and traumatized you have no one with you.. you need help and theres no one there. You can only go through that for so long before your brain creates someone or more than one to be there for where you need it. My heart breaks for all she suffered. Those people her mind has created are her heros in a sense. Its where she mentally broke apart yet survived. 🙁

  6. Ellen Jackson

    What a courageous woman. Thank you Christina for helping others with your same problem. Your a hero and a true inspiration. I wish you and your husband. Who is also a hero and inspiration as well, the best of luck!

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