Man, dog survive snow thanks to hot sauce

Man, dog survive snow thanks to hot sauce

A man and his dog were stranded in the Oregon snow for five days with nothing to survive on but hot sauce. Jeremy Taylor, 36, and his dog Ally were found Friday by a snowmobiler on a Forest Service road near Sunriver, about 180 miles south Portland, the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office said.

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  1. Dan Banks

    I always recommended a jar of peanut butter to these survival types,for the bug out bag or camping bag, its a shelf stable high protein food . a small jar rationed will keep you alive for a week I think no problem just need some water to wash it down…😂😂few crackers would help to 😂😂

  2. Appliantologist

    Hmmm,,,,… Are we to believe not eating for 5 days will kill you? It's actually really good for you and and if he were smart he'd keep doing it. After the seconds day or so you don't feel hungry #Ketosis set in and you start burning body fat

  3. Keith R

    People fast for 5 days as part of a diet. Taco sauce packets saved his life my ass. If it was Del Taco packets, I would totally believe it though.

  4. C

    The guy would have died from hypothermia long before he'd die of starvation… Report real news, not clickbate

  5. Cman

    I get a Ford add comparing the explorer to the Toyota 4Runner before the video haha. Too soon Ford, too soon

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