Liberals environment plan cornerstone of election campaign – Winnipeg

Liberals environment plan cornerstone of election campaign – Winnipeg

The Manitoba Liberals are taking the green road on their way to the Sept. 10 provincial election.

Leader Dougald Lamont has opened his official campaign with a 25-page plan for “green growth and renewal” that he says is the boldest and most ambitious of any party.

Lamont first released his climate change plan in May.

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His goals are to make Manitoba carbon neutral by 2030, to adopt its own carbon tax and to position the province as a leader in low-carbon and no-new-carbon fuels.

The Liberal green plan also promises to establish 500 square kilometres of new wilderness, including urban forests, and to restore grasslands.

Lamont says greenhouse gas emissions have increased under the Progressive Conservative government, while the NDP climate plan comes without details.

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