Jon Stewart shames Congress over 9/11 first responders fund | USA TODAY

Jon Stewart shames Congress over 9/11 first responders fund | USA TODAY

Jon Stewart takes on Congress head on in defense of

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Testifying before the House Judiciary Committee on reauthorizing the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund, Jon Stewart says, “This is a no brainer.”

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  1. Tom Hunsberger

    bravo!!!! wheres president bone spurs, the phony flag hugger, and moron mitch,? making these heroes beg for assistance. they couldnt care less about these people. how much have we paid for trump to PLAY golf ?? as of may 2019 102 million dollars

  2. Gerard Vandeninden

    Wow, i'm speachles, I didn't know these men and woman are forgotten by the authorities, I thought they were treated like the heroes they are. shame on american leadership and shame on the so called good presidents you had since then, they could have done something about it.
    my heart is with you all, respect.

  3. DrAngelMachine

    I betcha if any of the corporate dems ran for congress, the same exact thing would happen. They'd say they would focus on the issue, but then they wouldn't follow through with it, since they'd be too focused on trump and russia. It's the power of #moneylaundering, folks. Both corporate democrat and Republican politicians are both held responsible for their actions.

  4. Alex Ameskoa

    Currently, the house and Senate approve of the 911 bill but guess who held it up once more? Republicans, Rand paul and Mike Lee. Just wanted to remind people that it's always Republicans avoiding to help first responders. Always has been and will be.

  5. iwont answerback

    I still can't believe at the minimum every kid that ran up those beaches in Normandy ever had to pay taxes again if they survived. Not many 19 yr old kids would do that today, how would you keep your phone dry? These 911 responders should get everything they need

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