John Bolton out as National Security Adviser to President Trump | USA TODAY

John Bolton out as National Security Adviser to President Trump | USA TODAY

President Trump has announced that John Bolton is out as National Security Adviser. Trump used Twitter to announce the staff change.

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  1. Alberto Polanco

    What's with these stupid picture book style videos you keep passing off? If I wanted to read a couple tiny quotes with a picture slide show I would have gone to a news website to get more than a couple hand picked blurbs. I guess we live in a picture book society.

  2. Garry Harris

    Trump should be doing this and he should have started from his Beginning Firing all that talk shit about Him or Behind his Back and Fire those that he Thinks hate Him or them that he Thinks are Not Loyal to America. Fire all those that oppose your Authority as President.

  3. Edmond Dantes

    Another one bites the dust. For someone who only hires "the best people" there sure have been A LOT of people leaving this administration on negative terms. Love trump or hate him, you gotta admit, it's getting kinda crazy.

  4. Shane Hawkins

    I hate John Bolton, but he did get fired for being right about not inviting the taliban to camp David on the sept.11 anniversary. Doesn’t make sense. He probably did resign.

  5. Sheign Blackburn

    It is time. It is time to take back our country get your firearms do whatever it is you have to do but this is our country and we can't stand for it anymore if we do we are all gone start fighting and fighting now you got a problem with this while you're just going to be food

  6. rrhone

    How does a person deal with all these decisions that have to be made , sometimes instantly.? That would contribute to mental illness, I would imagine.

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