James May: Ex Top Gear star suffers painful consequences after starting weight lifting | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

James May: Ex Top Gear star suffers painful consequences after starting weight lifting | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Ex-Top Gear star James May, 57, has recently started weight lifting to “straighten his back out”, after feeling that it was less nimble. However, The Grand Tour host revealed how he has found himself in a lot of pain after deciding to give it a go.

James spoke about his injury in a new video while building a bicycle for a DriveTribe’s producer’s son.

While he showed off his bicycle maintenance skills, he began: “I’ve pulled a muscle in my right arm by doing some weight lifting.”

Pointing to his forearm, he added: “I’ve hurt myself there. So it makes everything a bit wobbly.”

Surprised that his cameraman didn’t comment on his admission, he said: “You didn’t comment on that, Tom.

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“I’ve been doing some weight lifting,” to which Tom replied: “I was just too astonished!”

He went on to ask James why he has taken it up.

“Was this something to do with the training you were doing in Germany?”

“No, it’s because I had a stiff back and somebody said if you lift weights, a couple of 10 pound dumbbells, you stand up straight and do basic weight lifts every morning, it will straighten your back out,” James admitted.

When he spoke with Jay Rayner, the journalist told James to eat his lunch, but the latter hesitated a little.

The BBC star asked: “Ok, how much of this am I supposed to eat?”

He replied: “Well, we’re just having lunch mate. If you went, ‘Well, I’ve already eaten.’ Then I’ll obviously be furious.”

“I don’t know if I should admit to having just spent a week at a health farm in Germany. Not my idea, it was Sarah’s – my other half. She’s always wanted to do it,” he said.

James went on to detail what his experience was like, adding: “It was clear in the initial medical consultation when the doctor arrived, he thought, ‘Ah! There’s actually something we can work on.’

“They immediately put me on a starvation diet. All I could do was chew a herbal infusion.”

He then admitted: “So I had to chew tea for two days and I had to do this liver detox – I’m not sure your listeners are going to want to hear this.

“She wanted to try a [health] clinic for a week and I did it. It made me ill, to be honest.”

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