How YouTube creators get paid and why some are angry

How YouTube creators get paid and why some are angry

Youtube creators can’t make money on videos until they reach a certain threshold. This makes many creators mad, including the woman that opened fire at the video-sharing headquarters.


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  1. stupidasso77

    YouTube is trying to stifle the words and opinions of channels with conservative views. This has made a lot of viewers upset too. YouTube was a great thing, even better than television. Now is it an SJW anti Trump propaganda machine. You can’t post a video that offends anyone….Unless it’s making meth or smoking weed or trying to have a 5 way marriage.

  2. tom jones

    Fortnite sure isn't having trouble..I don't play video games but my whole live feed is some dumb game that everyone plays. Nothing against anyone who plays but geez how many ppl watch the same thing all day..I guess it better than other stuff they could potentially watch.

  3. Batlock 12

    Pssh. This has nothing to do with the shooting. This lady went out and decided to try and kill some people who quote, "discriminating against her." And not paying her enough. Well guess what? When you decide to take your problems and go make other people's lives horrible by trying to end them, YOU ARE NO LONGER A VICTIM. You are an evil person. As hard at it is for plenty of youtubers, I can safely say the majority of them are not going to go and try to kill people they don't like. I have no pity for this woman. I honestly don't understand why this is being made into a money issue.

  4. ::J:: KAMM!

    If youtube moderators do not agree with your political opinions, they will demonitize (and in some cases delete) your video. Youtube is very biased in other ways too. For example, they will delete a video on white empowerment in the matter of hours, but allow racist hate-speech videos of Louis Farrakan remain viewable. The woman should have dropped a bomb instead of shooting.

  5. Keyser Soze

    If u start a union Maybe you can change things for the better. 1 channel with 2,000 views will be forgotten 2,000 channels with a hundred or so views will be acknowledged. Takes honesty cooperation and patience.

  6. balloon to the moon

    I got demonetized for a video I had, funny thing is, I had the same exact video up with a delay to trick the algorithm, one demonitized, the other not demonitized. At that moment I realized, YouTube isn't a reliable business partner. I'll take my business elsewhere and so should you

  7. Mr B

    Most if not 95% of these "creators" really don't do anything. The YouTube kids app is nothing more then people trying to cash in on their home movies. My son liked watching Ryan's toy review it's just his mom trying to cash in on him playing with his dad. Most of their videos aren't even about reviewing toys but him just playing with them and he made 11 million dollars last year. On one of the videos was his mother at a wedding and kids are watching these videos pretty much everywhere you go. I finally put a stop to my kids watching these types of videos it was fine every once in a while but to see that they infest the feed I finally said enough is enough when educational video stop popping up and it's a bunch of grown adults playing with toys.

  8. Mr B

    If your channel has no production value and it's just you rambling in front of a camera, streaming videogame (competitive tournaments are ok), trying to do pranks, make up,"vlogs"=home movies, product reviews, reaction anything trendy like dabbing, twerking, planking, dumpster diving or just anything ridiculous to get attention then you don't deserve to get paid.

  9. Midnite Flicker

    because you tube keeps updating and deleting veiws and lies and is not current and rips off millions of people without even paying one cent keep changing it and making it nearly impossible unless your somebody abnoxious like swed pie

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