Hillary Clinton on Howard Stern: Trump's 'bizarre' inauguration speech | USA TODAY

Hillary Clinton on Howard Stern: Trump's 'bizarre' inauguration speech | USA TODAY

Hillary to Stern: What George W. Bush said to me about Trump’s ‘bizarre’ speech.
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Hillary Clinton made an appearance on “The Howard Stern Show” and discussed her interactions with George W. Bush and what his thoughts were on President Donald Trump’s inauguration speech.

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  1. Dan

    Global Ecosystem Crisis (Global Warming). Why we need the Green New Deal ("GND"): The GND is proposed United States legislation which aims to address climate change and economic inequality. The original New Deal was a set of social/economic reforms & public works projects initiated in response to the Great Depression. For those interested in learning about the GND, here are some links:







  2. Dan

    As incomplete [b/c Mueller failed to follow the MONEY which is what links Russian Oligarchy to DJT, specifically the unlawful money laundering] as the MUELLER INVESTIGATION was, it showed us these things:
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    Links explaining Russian Election Theft
    [A] Cambridge Analytica:
    CA & the UK-BREXIT ATTACK: And, it wasn't just the USA that CA went after… CA manipulated the UK BREXIT vote!
    So, now you are wondering, who is CA? Billionaire Robert Mercer (the $$$ behind the Kleptocrat-in-Chief) and Steve Bannon (yup, one and the same!)were the founder/brain of CA!
    Be an educated citizen/voter. Don't be swayed by simple tropes being spread by uneducated followers, non-thinkers and haters. Learn the facts about TRE45ON.
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    If you are still reading… 
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    2) Read, "Dark Money" by Jane Mayer.
    3) Watch, "THE BEST DEMOCRACY MONEY CAN BUY. Greg Palast film – Amazon.
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    5) Read, "One Nation Under God" by Prof Kevin Kruse.
    6) Read, "The Shock Doctrine" by Naomi Klein.
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  3. Gary Songer

    The inauguration speech was one of the best speeches I've ever heard come from a President in modern times!…best of all he delivered! If Bush thought it was weird shit…it's because he's a new world order traitor! He has nothing to point to that gives him the right to criticize anyone! None of the other living losers that have been in the oval office do either! We're having the best economy in our history! Trump has delivered on his word…the weird shit is the democrat party…and the nasty witch that lost!

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