George Floyd's memorial service held in Minneapolis | USA TODAY

George Floyd's memorial service held in Minneapolis | USA TODAY

Reverend Al Sharpton is delivering the eulogy at George Floyd’s memorial service at North Central University in Minneapolis.
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Along with family and friends, celebrities, civil rights leaders and politicians are expected to attend the memorial service for Floyd.

Ten days after Floyd’s death, the nation is still reeling from the blatant injustice the viral video of the confrontation appears to show. Floyd died on Memorial Day after Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes while Floyd pleaded that he could not breathe. Protests across the U.S. remained large but were more subdued Wednesday night.

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  1. blessedland000

    Eight minutes standing still, it touched me . Let us think deeply in mind how it matters to me . Human rights is global issue. This is unjust world. We need to join hand together and fight together. God bless us. 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Dar M.

    It Really Hurts My Heart…That We Are Here. My Heart Literally Aches For This Family, My Black Brothers And Sisters…That We Are STILL Being KILLED In These STREETS AND IN OUR OWN HOMES -TOO.

    I Only Wish That Mr. George Floyd’s Family -ESP. His Little Baby Girl ( Will NOT Have To See That Video EVER AGAIN.) I Could NEVER Watch It EVER Again. It Was Too Much For Any Human To See And Witness. What Has America Come To Under The Direction Of Dump trump And His Kind. No Heart…Just Greed, Evil, And Guns. This Is NOT The World And Country We Should Be Faced With In 2020.

    Hoping This Is A New Chapter For Change…I Wholeheartedly PRAY IT IS…AMEN!!! I Don’t Know…But, Maybe Mr. George Floyd Was A Catalyst For Change…Change For All Our Black Brothers And Sisters. Mr. George Floyd Paid The Ultimate Price -His Life. Not Only Was Mr. George Floyd MURDERED…HE ALSO SUFFERED. I Remember George Saying, “I’m Through.” I Also Heard George Call Out For His “Mama”. At the Time, I Didn’t Know, That George’s Mom Had Been Deceased And With The LORD Three Years Prior. (I Just Feel, George Saw His Mom’s Spirit Present With Him On This Day, 5/25/20. Yes Ma’am…George’s Mom Was Here To Take George Home With Our Father And Saviour…AMEN!!!

    I Know, Some People Are Shocked That Mr. George Floyd Has Received All This Recognition And Love -Globally. Like When I Saw New Zealanders Marching Their Streets And Chanting Loudly, “BLACK LIVES MATTER.” (Made Me Feel More Welcomed And Loved There -Than Here -Eh.) Well, Contrary To Some People’s Beliefs, Mr. George Floyd Was Known And Loved By Many. It Doesn’t Always Take A Famous, Educated, Or Big Shot To Receive Love, Admiration, And Notoriety. Which Leads Me To Saying, Some Have Said, That Mr. George Floyd Has Done Less Admirable Acts In His Life e.g. Spent Time In Jail For Robbery, Drugs. I Don’t Know If It Is True Or Not -Okay. But, GOD Forgives All Of US For Our Sins -If You Only Ask And Change, And Better Oneself…AMEN!!! I’m Going To Let OUR SAVIOUR Worry About Mr. Floyd’s Sins…I t’s Not MY Place…Is It Yours???

    In Closing, Thank You For Televising Mr. George Floyd’s Homecoming Celebration. My Sincerest, Heartfelt Condolences To Each Of George’s Family, Friends and Loved Ones. (((HUGS)))

    May Mr. George Floyd Rest In Paradise. Gone Too Soon. You Will NEVER Be Forgotten. Like Your Beautiful, Little Princess Shouted, “ My Daddy Changed The World!!!” YES HE DID BABY GIRL…YES HE DID!!! I Hope It Is Everlasting!!!

  3. Tess Gella

    I felt that George was a sacrificial lamb, for people to realize the amount of pain black and people with color are going through for so many decades. I'm an ASIAN. I once experienced how to be looked at differently because of my race. That was minor compared to others, but it hits me. Some people think they are Gods, they are better that the others. It's really sad. But I know with God, we all look the same.

    My deepest condolences to this wonderful family of George Floyd.

  4. magdalene lileima aruna

    RIP George Floyd. I pray and hope that the world will never has to go through this again. George wherever you're right now I want you to know that you're loved and we will always miss you and remember you. God please give the family of George, grace and courage to go through this difficult times.

  5. JetFalcon

    I’m just wondering why is this man a hero even though he once robbed a pregnant lady at gun point for money? It’s almost like because he is black that robbing a pregnant lady once in his life is irrelevant.

  6. freedom lover

    The display of false piety is astonishing!

    There is no proof this killing was racially motivated. To say this was racism is to be a racist yourself. You have formed an opinion and made a judgment based on race without evidence. You are the racist by definition.

    Remembering George Floyd: a career criminal who had been in prison several times for narcotics and for armed robbery on a pregnant woman, sticking the gun to her belly… remembering George Floyd: who was still a criminal at the time of his death, high on narcotics, narcotics in his possession, and passing a counterfeit bill. Remembering George Floyd…

    It's time for nonworking protesters to go home and get a job…. start contributing to society instead sucking at her teats like an infant. Time for blacks to stop whining about color and stop using the N word in every other sentence as they talk in an imaginary language of Ebonics. It's time to grow up and become part of the solution, not the problem. Clean up your own damn neighborhoods, stop raising criminals, and stop depending on hardworking taxpayers to clean up your slums. Do it yourself.

  7. A K

    Real lesson. Breaking the law has consequences. If he wouldnt of used fake money. He would not have seen cops. No racism. Just crime. And you people applaud it. I feel ashamed of my brothers and sisters. A time where famous criminals rule our history books yet to he written. Our creator weeps above.____)

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