For the Actors of ‘Take Me Out,’ a Coming-Out Party Is Postponed

For the Actors of ‘Take Me Out,’ a Coming-Out Party Is Postponed

When rehearsals ended, Williams, a regular on “Grey’s Anatomy” since 2009, flew home to Los Angeles, as did Adams, best known for the legal drama “Suits.”

Delgado went to the apartment in Astoria, Queens, where he lives with his girlfriend and her mother. Eduardo Ramos, another Broadway newcomer, returned to his apartment in West New York, N.J.

Carl Lundstedt, the fifth “Take Me Out” debutant, stayed in the city for a while. Then he and wife, the actress Denée Benton, drove 12 hours nonstop to Libertyville, Ill., to stay with his parents.

A rehearsal room creates an apparent equality. Some actors have more lines and some have fewer, but everyone works together in the same small space, drinking the same awful coffee. With the cast scattered, differences have emerged more starkly.

Delgado spent the early weeks of quarantine making up to 50 calls a day, trying to access his unemployment benefits. He looked into volunteering, but was concerned about exposing his girlfriend’s mother to the virus. He cooks; he skateboards; he talks to his family in Puerto Rico; and does scenes, via Zoom, with a local theater company. “I haven’t been spending a lot,” he said. “No luxuries, just like what I need.”

Williams, who has shared custody of his two young children, spent the early spring supervising their schooling, and more. “I’ve taught them how to ride their bikes, how to skateboard, how to roller skate,” he said in May. “Now we’re playing baseball.”

Though he declined a follow-up call to discuss it, Williams, a longtime activist who gave a forceful speech on racism and police brutality when accepting a 2016 BET award, has also occupied himself with social justice work, co-hosting a national town hall for Breonna Taylor.

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