Dayton police stopped shooter in under 1 minute | USA TODAY

Dayton police stopped shooter in under 1 minute | USA TODAY

Mayor: Dayton shooter stopped in under a minute
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Dayton’s mayor lauded police for stopping the gunman in less than one minute.

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  1. CMB N.Y.

    Reading all the IGNORANT rhetoric from uneducated liberals is the exact reason this country will remain divided and a shit storm of false news, narratives and hope…..Reap what you sew sheep!

  2. Jose Cortez

    What is happening these people are killing random innocent people but they don't feel bad about it they don't care if their kids or adults it's sad that these people had to die like this

  3. AlphakappaY

    Trump uses the same racist rhetoric as these nationalist terrorists. The exact same. He is Also responsible for this. He is the so called PRESIDENT. Is he not the leader of this country?? Is he not to the one who sets the tone and suppose to unite us. With that mic and that platform, he wields a lot of power.
    Yet he uses the same exact racist rhetoric.

  4. Jeretta Shewmaker

    Have you figured out America ? Its the dems they r trying to take our guns away from us.No way to protect law abiding citizens.They want to be helpless.Gun control.Pelosi probably.gave the gun to both shooters or some otber dem.And then blame it on Trump filthy stinking dems., all of you are trash.Move to Iran.

  5. Tia Williams

    I need someone to explain to me why a firearm that can fire off that many rounds in under a minute needs to be made available to the general public. I mean I get why the NRA wants them: more profits for gun manufacturers, but what does the average gun owner need that for.

  6. rronmar

    Shooter engaged and stopped in 1 minute… EVERY able bodied man and woman needs to be prepared to do this! If there had been someone there with a concealed carry he might have been stopped in far less. It is such a rare occurrence but this kind of evil walks among us and we need to be prepared to deal with it at ANY moment…

  7. dizzybynature

    clearly the firearm and round capacity shouldnt be protected if in less than 1 minute, 9 people are dead and 27 injured..
    this type of weapon is meant for trained soldiers in war, NOT for billy bob and jim bob to walk around downtown with..

  8. Mumble Rap

    The media has blood on its hands, they continue making mass shooters famous as usual and the next one will see this and do the same for fame

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