Dayton police stopped shooter in under 1 minute | USA TODAY

Dayton police stopped shooter in under 1 minute | USA TODAY

Mayor: Dayton shooter was stopped in under a minute.
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Dayton’s mayor lauded police for stopping the gunman in less than one minute.

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  1. luis contreras

    Ppl need to ask if the shooter if the name there Gavin the ppl are they real I can’t find any thing about the shooter to longer then 5yrs hmmmm are these spy 🕵️‍♂️ or ppl that’s shooting are in mk ultra … why know everytime somebody big is talk about doing something… they make something like this happen

  2. Conscious Beats

    Americans are afraid of terrorists , but they can't control the cause of people dying

    Mental illness is the cause ? Okay . Fund that mf depratment (which they haven't as far as the stats indicates)

    Guns are not the cause ? Okay. Then put more restrictions on it to access it if it is not the cause then why bother to do anything on it ?


    That is why the US government dont fund this mental deparent cuz they know it aint doing shit with these massacres


    The American dream , where houses lead to financial crisis , college leads to student debt crisis and Jobs lead to unemployment cuz of "low-skilled" jobs.

    So now ,are you living the american dream ? Are you the "PROUD" patriot that these scumbags have sold you to be to absorb their bullshit agenda ?

  3. Mike Jones

    I suggest if you own one carry it. Everywhere! More good guns on the streets because there are already a lot of bad guns on the streets. This is the only way to fix this. The only way! If a bad guy walked into a crowded place and pulled a gun he may have 30 more guns pointing back at him.

  4. Malachi Lee

    This doesn’t make sense to me… exactly HOW were they able to dispatch a “random” mass shooter in “under a minute” I don’t want to go into detail but it’s wayyy bigger than what shit seems in America…

  5. Dean

    I’m getting so tired of people saying white this white that when 2 outta the 3 biggest mass shootings in American history were by people of color. But nobody’s gonna mention that… also gun control will never work

  6. Ernesto Ybarra

    Fox News host needs another 15 mins of fame as flaming agenda driven Shepard 👥 Smith says another mass shooting will 'happen yet again in America' 😴😴😴 Now run along to your husband boyfriend, Gio Graziano (30), an associate 🔻

  7. Nat Gambino

    This is Medias fault. They continually show violence and gore over and over again in movies, video games, and music.guns don't kill people. People kill people why was there no shootings in schools etc. In the 60's 70's 80's etc. What has changed? The internet if you don't agree with me your just arrogant. Almost all these shooters are weirdos who sit in there basements watching horror shows and playing brutal games. Or terrorists who hate the western world. You take away all the evil Hollywood has produced bring back family Morales and social activities. And see how much the violence would drop. And honestly cmon USA get some restrictions on guns like background checks mental illness etc. Because it's getting ridiculous now.

  8. None Yun

    Just like the Garlic Fest, where the FBI admits they were there "Patrolling the Festival" BEFORE their phony shooting went down. I love how they have ridiculous response times for all these fake shootings, from Maryland Newspaper hoax to Sandy Hoax.

  9. bina ariani

    Bullshit when you hear gunshots everybody escape take you 1 minors to escaped and than u call 911 another 1 minits to talk to them if they don’t put you on hold to wait for name last name or home numer and other bullshit lucky the guy didn’t have more bullet or other gun will be worst than nevada shooter

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