Dayton, El Paso, and the Trump Administration's response | Week In Review

Dayton, El Paso, and the Trump Administration's response | Week In Review

Mass shootings occur in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas. The Trump Administration, as well as top politicians, share their responses.

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  1. The Crawfish Kreaux

    So the message is not clear? We are still promoting illegals to stay and break immigration laws? And Pelosi and still promising to protect them? I wonder if any American tax paying citizens agree with these warped views on immigration? It it okay to keep blaming White citizens? Is it okay to tell illegals you will protect them from immigration laws, isn’t that hate speech toward tax paying Americans? Politicians that promise to protect illegals and give sanctuary in our cites? Aren’t they the one spewing hate toward working tax paying Americans? Aren’t they sending the wrong message? I don’t agree with shooting up innocent people but I do think we are missing the point.
    We have an serious problem here in America and it’s the 20-30 million illegals. We don’t have any back ground information on these people? Were they murderers in their country? Rapist? Criminals? Do they have a A disease are they caring measles or mumps????
    I am so pissed at the people who vow to protect,feed, clothe, house, educate, and give healthcare all for free with our tax dollars this has to stop!!! What about the Latino who just stabbed and killed four people in sanctuary city Garden Grove California what about that Latino was he illegal was he a gang members? He was able to kill for people with a kitchen knife which is more people that was shot at the garlic festival but everyone wants to call the garlic festival shoes or a white supremacist are we going to call this Latino migrant dreamer immigrant illegal gang banger uA BROWN supremacists is that what we’re gonna do is continue to spew hate toward each other because of the color of our skin The way I see it is you’re either pro American or anti-American you’re either legal citizen or an illegal immigrant and if you’re illegal you need to be deported or leave on your own! GFTO come legal!!!

  2. Mark Green

    Apparently Trump has agreed to designate white nationalism as a mental illness. Social media accounts will be checked on any person applying to purchase a firearm. If the applicant is found to have been making comments that could be seen as threatening towards blacks, Asians, Arabs, Latinos and/or religious groups such as Christians, Muslims or Jews They will not be permitted to purchase a firearm. The FBI will also be authorized to confiscate any weapons currently in the possession of such person or their family.

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