‘Daily Show’ Uncovers The Real Reason ‘Florida Man’ Is So Dang Weird

‘Daily Show’ Uncovers The Real Reason ‘Florida Man’ Is So Dang Weird

In the weird news world, there are two nagging questions: Why is Florida so weird and who is this mysterious “Florida Man” who constantly gets into bizarre situations?

Here are just a few examples:

Since “The Daily Show” is in Miami this week, correspondent Desi Lydic decided to explore the circumstances that make the Sunshine State America’s weirdest.

In the process, she interviewed many guys who engaged in situations that earned them the “Florida Man” headline in various news stories.

They weren’t much help, but, as the video below shows, Lydic did manage to uncover the most plausible explanation why so much wacky news comes out of Florida.

Spoiler alert: It’s not the water, though that’s the theory of the guy dressed like a pirate.

You can watch the complete segment below:

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