Cops search cancer patient's room for marijuana

Cops search cancer patient's room for marijuana

A Missouri police department has faced backlash after a video posted to social media Wednesday showed officers searching for marijuana in the belongings of a cancer patient in a hospital room.

The family has identified Nolan Sousley, stage 4 pancreatic cancer patient who has stopped receiving chemotherapy treatment. Sousley takes cannabis to manage his pain as he approaches the end of his life.


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  1. uhadme

    Make the pigs families pay.
    they make your family pay, your father? your brother? your son?
    who is this person to you? nobody? until it happens to you. (do unto others as you would, whatever they should do unto you), get what you give pigs.
    end the pig scam, they are professional lying thieves. wolves in sheep's clothing. criminals that beat unarmed women to death inside jail cage. end them

  2. Dewdaahman

    I am a 100% Disabled Veteran, 30% Service Connected, and if I test positive for marijuana then the VA limits my medical treatment.. President Trump, please legalize marijuana, on the federal level, so people can be left alone to deal with, and die from, their cancer.. marijuana cannot be good in the right hand, and bad in the left hand.. the ball is in your court Uncle Samantha, do the right thing..

  3. robert shuman

    They gave my dad phentanal, if go look for phentanal, it almost killed my dad,thank, JESUS, he was a doctor, and told me to tell them to stop,so,I'd go through that facility, and all elderly facilities, and ask the patients how the phentanal is doing in their system,by,the way,no one has ever OD'd,on cannabis, nut,Trump elected a supreme court justice, who drinks beer? I don't expect much from the KGB?

  4. drmorq

    sure happy we have a conservative/regressive court system set up by trump and his fellow fascists… we need to put creeps like this canabis user in work houses and prisons.. how dare they go against the state wishes of nothing but pain and suffering for the working class…

  5. Professor Caveman

    I understand that for someone with a terminal illness it would seem right to give some leniency, but ideally the law shouldn’t show preferential treatment. As far as I can see, the officers were being respectful and merely acting on a lawful search for a (at least for the moment) illegal substance. If they were told that something illegal happened, they need to do their job and follow it up. It’s not like they picked him out of a crowd, somebody else probably called them. Don’t get made at the cops, get mad at whoever called them on the cancer patient. Or get made at the system which is delaying legalisation of cannabis as a medical treatment.

  6. Lona is me

    Sad and a waste, but I do understand them upholding law since someone called on it. All the more reason why they need to get on the ball and get this law passed federally everywhere now. Come on govt. Wake up, stop all the stupid and work for we the people. WWG1WGA

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