College admissions scam: How the privileged gamed the system

College admissions scam: How the privileged gamed the system

The college admissions scam involving Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman shows how some rich families may have used a “side door” to game an already unfair education system.

The Justice Department recently charged 50 people, including celebrity actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, wealthy CEOs and college athletic coaches, in what is being dubbed the nation’s largest college admissions cheating scandal.

Here’s everything you need to know about how the elaborate conspiracy operated, who was allegedly involved and what’s next:

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  1. E _MAC

    Do they pay college professors for better grades and employers to get hired because it would be pointless to get into a highly recognized school if they just fail classes or a high end job if they can't do the work

  2. Eric Ling

    I have to wonder how hard those universities are too if the kids still managed to pass the classes without being able to comprehend them? Or were they in majors that aren't particularly hard.
    Since I'm studying geology, a hard science, you can't bullshit your way through tests or anything. Or do they also get to cheat their grades inside the universities themselves?
    I occasionally see people misspell commonly mistaken words, would have thought that kind of thing would be largely absent with university level students. A knot can come loose, you can lose your keys. Simple usage like that at least should have been caught in high school I would hope, unless everyone is literally only relying on automated spellchecks now.

  3. Jessica Vernon

    The institutions who had their employees accept it on their behalf should be charged. Yet again they’ll raise tuition for kids to pay the charges. Why is it always a loose loose situation.

  4. Insignificant Other

    It's like video games, it's pay to win. This whole world is pay to win. The same global society that tells you to stay in school wouldn't care about your background if you got that money.

  5. Maekar I Targaryen

    These students were from such disadvantaged circumstances they needed extra help. Apparently the best private schools, the best (legal & legit) tutors and the all-important networking was too much of an impediment for these poor children to overcome. Let us not forget about those victims of such terrible circumstances!

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