Claire Richards from Steps weight loss secret revealed – amazing six stone transformation | Diets | Life & Style

Claire Richards from Steps weight loss secret revealed – amazing six stone transformation | Diets | Life & Style

Claire Richards from Steps, 40, first came to fame as a member of the British pop group famous for hits such as One For Sorrow and their remake of the Bee Gees classic Tragedy.

The Londonder, who has appeared in Celebrity Big Brother and Loose Women, has lost a whopping six and a half stone.

She has now signed up for the Steps 2018 tour and recently urged fans to buy tickets on her Instagram account.

The band are appearing in London, Scarborough, Coventry and Peterborough, among other UK locations.

Claire, who has two children, slimed down from a size 20 to a size 10, an incredible transformation, so what is her secret?

Claire Richards weight loss – how did she do it?

The Steps star was a size 20 when she vowed to become a size 12 for her wedding in November 2008.

The journey was captured for BBC Three programme Claire Richards: My Big Fat Wedding, and the singer released a DVD after her success titled “Five Step Fat Attack”.

Claire’s heaviest weight was 16 and a half stone, although she weight nine and a half stone at the high of her Steps career.

She has previously revealed her emotional problems with eating.

She wrote in her book All of Me: My Story: “I have an emotional connection to food. Food for me is almost like a drug – I get an instant gratification from it, but it doesn’t last very long.”

In 2015 Claire told The Mirror that her weight gain may have caused problems with her fertility after a doctor suggest she lose weight while struggling to conceive.

She said: “I feel I only have myself to blame, so it would be unfair to go down that (IVF) road when there are so many couples who have not been blessed with any kids and it is their only option – and when they haven’t done it to themselves like I have.

“I guess maybe I feel I don’t deserve to be third time lucky. IVF just doesn’t feel like the right thing to do to my body.”

However, Claire later managed to conceive naturally.

How does the pop star maintain her weight these days? Claire restricts her calories to stay slim.

She told Lorraine Kelly in 2016 that she eats around 1500 calories a day.

Claire informed the ITV presenter: “I’m trying really hard. It’s not rocket science how you lose weight but keeping it off has always been my problem.

“I feel good. This is the longest I’ve managed to maintain it.”

How to lose weight fast is a question many Britons struggling to lose some extra pounds have pondered. 

This Imgur user has revealed the easy trick he used to kick start this amazing six and a half stone weight loss. The diet and exercise trick is something anyone can do.

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