Cheat on ITV spoilers: Rose Vaughn killer clue CONVINCES fans of season 2 return | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Cheat on ITV spoilers: Rose Vaughn killer clue CONVINCES fans of season 2 return | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

When Cheat kicked off this week fans were struggling to bond with the latest ITV drama at first.

Initially slow-going and seemingly predictable, that was quickly rectified and viewers were hooked by the end of the first instalment.

However many were expecting the series to deliver an unbelievable shock and reveal Leah Dale (played by Katherine Kelly) was actually the one who murdered Her husband Adam Dale.

Instead, Rose (Molly Windsor) admitted to murdering Adam after they slept together.

And what’s more, the twisted university student only told her sister Leah the truth about her fateful encounter with Adam two years later – having been in prison all that time.

It turned out Rose’s claims she’d stabbed Adam in self-defence were all a lie, and she’d asked university assistant Ben to help by attempting to strangle her and cause red marks on her neck.

That way, Rose only had to serve a much shorter sentence.

After one last meeting with Leah though – which the now mother-of-one arranged to finally get to the truth of what happened that night – Rose decided to continue her path of destruction.

The final scenes showed Leah reading a letter from Rose which stated she was going to “forgive her mother and father” and finally find peace.

Yet contrary to those words, Rose’s version of that of was actually teaming up with Ben to kill her adoptive father while he was out walking his dog in the forest.

The final shots showed a truly evil Rose grinning into the camera, is she set to go on a murderous rampage?

And if so, does that mean producers are going to further explore the complex connection between estranged sisters Leah and Rose with a second part of the show?

Unfortunately, according to a spokesperson, the show was never intended to come back for another run.

“Cheat was conceived as a self-contained four part drama,” they told The Sun. “There’s been no talk of another season as it was only ever planned as a standalone series.”

Taking to Twitter, viewers were thrilled by the series’ conclusion, but still had plenty of questions, and others were dying for another episode.

One person wrote: “This seriously can’t be the ending?! #Cheat.”

“I had a feeling there was a bit of a twist coming!!! #Cheat,” another said.

A third agreed: “Dnejsidmfnrjwizcnrj….WHAAATTT! Noooooo it can’t end like that!!!! #cheat.”

While a fourth begged: “Gotta be a series 2! #cheat,” followed by: “NO WAY DID IT END THAT WAY #CHEAT.”

Cheat episodes 1-4 are available to watch on the ITV Hub now.

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