Charlie Rose admits to 'inappropriate' workplace behavior | USA TODAY

Charlie Rose admits to 'inappropriate' workplace behavior | USA TODAY

According to recent court documents, Charlie Rose admitted to flirting with female co-anchors and multiple workplace relationships through his career.

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  1. Female Ranger of Norrath

    Dear USA Today,
    Thank you for posting.
    He's been at my last job I see. 😪
    True Story
    I used to work at a 1% job.
    Year: 1999
    Head of the
    Regional Department has my supervisor ask me if I'm still with my current boyfriend. 😳
    3x !! 😨
    My coworkers told me he had them at his house to get a "leg up" in the company. 😢
    But they found nothing wrong with it.
    I was shocked! 🤯
    A professional business would never allow this and I refused all 3 times! 😠
    Strictly professional.
    I quietly resigned in 2005 after being thrown into another city too far from my residence.
    Appalling! 😡
    Thanks for reading.
    Michigan, USA

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