Carter, Clinton, Obama: Presidents at 41’s funeral

Carter, Clinton, Obama: Presidents at 41’s funeral

Past and present presidents and vice presidents greeted each other before George H.W. Bush’s funeral at the Washington National Cathedral.

President Donald Trump stared straight ahead. Former President Bill Clinton scanned the program. Former President Jimmy Carter checked his watch.

The atmosphere at the rare meeting of the current president with his predecessors at the funeral of George H.W. Bush on Wednesday was noticeably chilly. Trump shook hands with Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama, did not engage with Bill or Hillary Clinton, and promptly took his seat at the end of the row.

As Trump arrived, Hillary Clinton – his 2016 opponent, and the subject of the president’s continuing taunts – did not glance his way.

The funeral at the Washington National Cathedral brought together the current and all former living presidents. All but former President George W. Bush sat with their spouses together in a front row. Before Trump’s arrival, they chatted amicably.

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