BBC weather forecast FREEZING 70 mph winds to cause travel chaos | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

BBC weather forecast FREEZING 70 mph winds to cause travel chaos | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

weatherman Darren Bett warned viewers that “things are set to change” in the coming week, with disruption to travel expected from winds of more that 70 miles per hour.

The meteorologist explained: “The cloud, that is the tell-tale sign that an area of low pressure is deepening.

“It will be wet and increasingly windy. But the winds are the real story.

“It’s going to be a windier day than I think we’ve had in a while. Particularly as you head further north.

“Gusts of 70 miles per hour or more across northern parts of Scotland. It could bring some travel disruption.

“The real strength of these wings come on the backwash of this area of low pressure.

“So, very windy into the evening and first part of the night. Then the low pressure streaks off over to Scandinavia.”

Darren went on to add: “It takes the worst of the winds away with it as well. So Tuesday, not as windy.

“But the wind direction has changed. It’s more of a north and north westerly wind and that means colder air.”

Early on Wednesday, the UK can expect to see temperatures of minus two degrees Celsius.

Darren said: “As the winds drop and with some slice of clearer skies down the spine of the UK, this is where we may start to see a frost early on Wednesday with those clearer skies.”

The weather forecaster added that Wednesday and Thursday will feel the coldest.

He went on to add: “Probably the coldest day of this week! Temperatures won’t have far to drop to give us some frosty scenes on Thursday morning.

Darren continued on throughout the week with cold and wet weather, before arriving at further low temperatures on Thursday, with frosty scenes across the midlands and south east England.

By Friday, Darren announced the UK would be drawing in Atlantic winds once again.

To sum up this week’s weather, Darren reiterated transport disruption, winds, and freezing temperatures.

Darren concluded: “To sum up the week, we start off on a windy note – potential for some disruption across northern parts of Scotland.

“Then we introduce the colder air and more sunshine around the middle part of the week.

“Then atlantic winds increase the clouds and bring it a bit milder.”

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