Americans Storm the Gates of Royal Ascot

Americans Storm the Gates of Royal Ascot

Although Bucchero’s journey did not result in a storybook victory, he placed fourth. Glyshaw appreciates the opportunity he received. “I hope we have horses good enough to warrant to go back there some day,” he said, admitting to some uncertainty.

Others like the owner Sol Kumin have the means, determination and horses to return almost annually. Kumin made the scene three of the last four years. He partnered with Wes Welker, a former N.F.L. wide receiver who had been bypassed in the draft, to win the Diamond Jubilee Stakes with the aptly named Undrafted in 2015. The horse was trained by Ward. Kumin said he was also part of the Con Te Partiro ownership group two years ago.

“It’s an incredible place to win,” Kumin said. “When you stop and look around, the tradition and just the whole scene is different than anywhere in the world. It’s got history. It’s an extremely upscale, classy event. There is something about wearing a top hat and putting on the morning suit, or whatever they call it. It’s a different experience, especially for an American.”

Pletcher noted a business component as well.

“If you have a potential stallion prospect like we had with American Patriot or Gidu, the last two horses we took, should they be able to win, it might open up an international stud value to them that they might not have if they just participated here,” he said. American Patriot, 11th in the Queen Anne Stakes in 2017, and Gidu only succeeded in underscoring how stiff the competition can be.

Casse’s wife, Tina, refers to Royal Ascot, which runs through Saturday, as the “Kentucky Derby on steroids.” The presence of Queen Elizabeth II at Ascot Racecourse, which opened in 1711, contributes greatly to the buzz.

“What’s amazing to me is this isn’t someone making an appearance and throwing out the first ball and going to the suite,” Malter said. “She is actively engaged in horse racing. I think everyone feels that and realizes the importance of this meet.”

Tepin created a stir when, as a 5-year-old, she defeated the finest male milers and became the first American-based winner of the Queen Anne. When the news conference finally ended, Casse asked a question of his own.

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