After 37 years, trooper makes emotional final radio call

After 37 years, trooper makes emotional final radio call

Trooper Mark Gilberg started his job with the Arizona Department of Public Safety on March 11, 1981. 37 years later, he signs off one last time.

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  1. Brooke Wallace

    This cop seems like he actually has emotions. I’m pretty sure he was NO ass hole.
    I’m sure he was a great officer. Thank you sir for your Service in the Department.

  2. Pippo

    Every police officer should have the same passion as his.
    I'm not american, but when an officer made it's work with dignity and passion he made a service for usa but also for Humanity, so thank you

  3. Fusion72

    Wow…this was beautiful to watch. People like this are who make this country worth living in. I hope he's thoroughly enjoying his retirement. 3.9K people are probably watching Alexandria Ocasio Cortes (or whatever her name is) right now….

  4. Dongfreid

    How many days did this POS ruin with rude behavior towards citizens. If he is like every other flatfoot in the US, then the answer is many. Good riddance jackbooter. Don;t worry, the academy has plenty more thugs ready to take your place. That snot rag is from Dunkin doughnuts. Another 200,000 dollar per year retirement drain on taxed citizens..

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