Advocacy group releases emails claiming Stephen Miller promoted white nationalism | USA TODAY

Advocacy group releases emails claiming Stephen Miller promoted white nationalism | USA TODAY

Emails show White House adviser Stephen Miller promoted white nationalism to Breitbart.
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White House adviser Stephen Miller pushed white nationalist material to Breitbart, according to a report published by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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  1. Daniel Johnson

    So? Is he hurting somebody? Or just hurting someone's feelings?

    It's ok to he white.
    Just like it's ok to he black.

    But of course I can't expect morons to understand anything outside of what they're taught to parrot.

    Everything burns

  2. Valik J.

    The fatass in office centered his campaign around banning Muslims, deporting immigrants, and building a great wall to keep out “bad hombres”. It’s not at all shocking that he surrounded himself with morons who have the same disgusting and racist thought process.

  3. WhatSupp

    According to the SPLC having a bowl cut makes you a neo nazi, white supremacist, white nationalist and every thing else. who cares if a guy who's job is about immigration is sending emails about immigration? 😮 no way! And yeah putting your country first is done by people of all races and religions and should be done by everyone.

  4. jr rivas

    Steven Miller is Jewish and is 34 years old, and served as assistant to Vice President Mike Pence. What does this say about our Evangelical Vice President? My question is! When God receives Steven Miller after his death, what will our Heavenly father do with his soul? As far as I understand the son of God, "Jesus" was born in Jerusalem, people born from this region of the earth are not all Lilly White, and when "Jesus" was crucified (at 33 years old) and died on the cross, he was labeled "King Of The Jews." May God have mercy on your Soul, for all the pain and suffering you have caused for the innocent children of this world. There will be consequences…. Same for you Mr. Pence..14 women have sued the POTUS for his lust and sexual infidelities, so that you can have partisan Kavanaugh's and conservative judges. Hell is going to be a crowded place after this administration. Evangelicals (Pence) and Jews (Steven Miller) collaborating to cage children.on the border so that more biased people like Steven Miller can claim this this nation their home. What a sad state of affairs.

  5. CeeStyleDj

    I've never seen the level of denial so deep than with Trump supporters. No matter how much negative or controversial news comes out, you guys keep digging your heels in even though you know this has been such a mess. None of these stories look good for you, all of this stuff is very unprofessional yet you keep fighting it. Time to start being an independent thinker and think for yourself.

  6. Daisy Carter

    It's no surprise that this man is who he is the problem is that these men have taken off the robe instead put on a white shirt and tie will he be fired?hell no it's only a smear campaign come on people why are there so many folk like Stephen Miller running around the white house we dont have to look far Donald Trump White House is Corrupted racist evil the Republicans dont have any values it seems they are serving one god Trump almighty no backbone cowards that have allowed a racist rapist womanizer lying thief Puttin lapdog old outshape coward control them it a dam shame an i would be ashame to call these men family if i had one drop of thier blood line to pledge thier Allegiance to someone like this guy that sits in the oval office who is only there because he align himself with Putin stole the election when all trump men are behind bars the clown that sit in the oval office will be the last rat on board

  7. FilmsFor SMARTpeople

    Creepy-eyed Stephen "Goebbles" Miller should be reminded that his family fled Belarus in 1903 to America with three dollars to their name, begging for asylum. If Trump was president then, He'd be stuck in Belarus Russia at the gunpoint of the Czar's police.

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