A Handyman Asks: After Servicing a Home, Can I Get Paid to Service My Clients’ Other Needs?

A Handyman Asks: After Servicing a Home, Can I Get Paid to Service My Clients’ Other Needs?

You might be surprised how many well-off women request your services. At your age, the supply of available wealthy women increases, while that of fit or even alive men goes down. It’s called a market inefficiency! I have a good feeling that this will be the most lucrative phase of your career.

I work as a driver for a trucking company, and I subscribe to an app that helps me meet people — especially those who are looking for sex and romance. People in the dispatch office, apparently as a group, will make profiles on this app and relentlessly harass me everywhere I go. The other day they used the app, acting as a person looking for sex, to send me to a certain location. Of course, after I arrived, no one showed up, and when the office called me to ask where I was, one woman told me she and all my managers had been having a lot of fun “watching me looking.”

I feel pretty jerked around here. What do you think?

— Yuba City, Calif.

First things first: You could probably take legal action against your bosses and file a sexual harassment suit. Your dating life is none of their business, even if it involves meeting people in random clandestine locations on the road for anonymous sex. You can do whatever you want in your off hours, as long as you aren’t, um, doing it in the company-owned vehicle.

That said, you might not want to take things there. Perhaps you really need your job or otherwise don’t want to get a bad reputation in the business. Personally, I think it’s a terrible idea to meet up with total strangers in random clandestine locations for anything at all, really, but I am not a man and I am also not a trucker, so what do I know.

It might be best to split the difference: Tell your bosses that their behavior is actionable and a form of sexual harassment. Say that you value your job and your colleagues and everything else (even if this isn’t true), but the cyberstalking has to stop. Even if what they’re doing isn’t technically grounds for a lawsuit, the threat of taking action can be powerful. I mean, no one wants the hassle! At the very least, pushing back with a threat will demonstrate to them that this is not just fun and games for you.

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