5 ways the World Wide Web changed us

5 ways the World Wide Web changed us

Thirty years ago, an English software engineer submitted a “vague, but exciting” proposal to his boss about a system for managing information that would later be known as the World Wide Web.

Tim Berners-Lee was in his early 30s when he submitted the idea at work, a physics laboratory in Switzerland. He wasn’t hired to create a worldwide communication system. He simply came up with the idea because he noticed inefficiencies at work.

“I found it frustrating that in those days, there was different information on different computers, but you had to log on to different computers to get at it … So finding out how things worked was really difficult,” he said.

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  1. Cool Beans

    What difference does it make, If you can't take care of the. Environment itself then it will fix itself .And we won't be a part of that equation.

  2. Ross Harris

    By Dr. Ross Adey's " patented low frequency behavior modification program " beamed through desk-top computer screens; laptops; I – Pads; cell phones. The frequency Operation that effects your brains, and nervous system modifying your behaviour on all subjects. Touch screen models send back signals when touched, that cause dopamine release in the brain, making it the biggest addiction system in the World. And they broadcast the Opiod Epidemic theory to distract from a bigger addiction. Heroin opiod addiction is a bad reality, and the public knowledge via the News, and former police officers containing information that the CIA, and U.S. Military transport of it into this country is worse* They are killing Americans. There is a one sided 'war' going on against society involving all ages. This info. in also on the International Web. And the Web has helped with Daniel 12:4 "in the time of the end, many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased." One form of "running to and fro" is "surfing the web". And knowledge can be increased, on good subjects and bad. Somebody is getting "paid"? Why is porn allowed?? It and ultra violent programming causes 'dopamine release'. So knowing that cleaner people would not watch it, they designed the "frequency dopamine" connection, in order to addict the neighbors who donot view porn, or bloody violent movies. God bless

  3. Bkat 2d11

    Your correct, it's just a facade digitally…..

    behind every comment every text every profile is a human being with a life a lifetime of living, a life that does not need to be micro pursued for other people's purposes such as news, such as the internet, or the government, or anybody else who has a predatory stance on the human nuance for their financial gains and goals

    On the hard-working tax paying civilians of America, and maybe a little of world, USA today!

    thank you

  4. PrestigeDank03

    Damn, I wish I was alive before the World Wide Web. I wish I didn't grown up with technology. We would all be much more social and a lot more happy.
    If you think about it, life was really good before 2007, when the smartphone released. If Steve jobs wasn't thirsty for money. And his creation that he knew would become the most popular thing in the world and would earn his the most bank.

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