2 Days in Congress, 3 Trump Rejections

2 Days in Congress, 3 Trump Rejections

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Earlier this week, we looked at Beto O’Rourke’s unorthodox path to the 2020 primary — the lonely road trips, the Kerouac-like blog posts — and wondered how it would have been perceived if he were a female candidate. Now that he has officially entered the race, we wanted to share some responses that we received this week.

“I totally agree with you on the double standard for male/female candidates,” Judith wrote. “Beto O’Rourke is an egocentric and most unappealing potential candidate — I hope he sinks slowly in the west.”

“Who cares why Beto O’Rourke spent the last several months on the road? Any effect on his family is between him and his family,” wrote Anne. She said her concern was with his policies (or lack thereof): “‘Not Ted Cruz’ and ‘Not Donald Trump’ and ‘but so many Texans like him’ aren’t sufficient reasons for me to make a decision about whether I’d want to trust him with running this country.”

[Here’s a look at where Mr. O’Rourke stands on some of the biggest issues of the 2020 race.]

“Unless I completely miss my guess, Beto is a flash in the pan,” Mina wrote. “Had there not been a Donald Trump, a crazy person, following Obama, a well-educated, amazing president, there would be no Beto having the audacity to think he could be president!”

“I don’t begrudge Beto’s unorthodox style of ‘campaigning’ and don’t hold against him being male and running for office in that way,” wrote Karen, who described herself as a veteran political activist. “The one thing which Beto has that no other candidate who is running has is that he is genuine and speaks from his heart (not his head). Most of my friends are politicians or former politicians, and no one is like Beto.”

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