Ford Wants to Sell You an Electric S.U.V. It’s Called a Mustang.

Ford Motor’s latest offering seems like an oxymoron twice over: It’s a sport utility vehicle that’s electric … that’s a Mustang.It’s also Detroit’s bi...

Kyle Busch Stays Mistake-Free to Win NASCAR Cup Title

“I knew it would take a mistake-free race to win, and I was proved right,” Busch said. “It means everything to win this championship again. There were...

The N.F.L.’s Tug of War With Colin Kaepernick’s Didn’t Resolve Anything

Colin Kaepernick spent six years in the N.F.L. displaying his abilities and the three years since his ouster arguing with the league over whether his...

Lamar Jackson, Delaying the Spectacular, Shows an M.V.P.’s Steadiness

BALTIMORE — By Lamar Jackson’s third touchdown pass Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens’ 41-7 victory had started to resemble so many others this season: an...

WeWork May Lay Off Thousands

WeWork is preparing to cut at least 4,000 people from its work force as it tries to stabilize itself after the company’s breakneck growth racked up he...

Climate defenders: The woman helping coal miners to save the planet

The burning of coal is a huge driver of climate change but it’s also estimated that coal mining employs around six million people worldwide and is the...


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Opinion | Republicans, the Real Chickens of Kiev

WASHINGTON — When he was running in 2016, Donald Trump told me that he reminded himself of another presidential can...

Iran Blocks Nearly All Internet Access

The Associated Press reported that Iran also experienced wide disruptions and outages of internet service on Friday...



MLPs Continue Historic Losing Streak

Energy stocks have had an up and down year. But one segment of the energy sector has been unfairly punished in my opinion, even though it has been financially healthier than the re...


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